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The brand ND clothes & accessories was established by Anastasia Davydova in 2014.

However, in the July of 2016 the designer graduates from B&D institute in Moscow in fashion design. Same year she presents her diploma collection Fairy Local to the audience.

Every item has an intellectual cut and is scrupulously handmade. Clear straight lines and minimalist shapes contribute to the maximal comfort creating the basics of the brand’s style.

Genuine leather harnesses, bracelets and chokers were the main produce within two first years.

Only high-quality genuine leather, attentively chosen by the designer herself, is used in the production. The leather is processed in a way to avoid fading of color and coloring of other clothes in contact with the items. Style, quality and comfort are the key factors in selection of metal accessories with preference for American, British and Korean manufacturers.

The production is based in Moscow. We are flexible and quickly respond to customers’ demand being able to produce goods and supply them in shortest time around the whole Russia and beyond.